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Campo d'Ourique Prestige

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  • Development description

    Available in types T0, T1, T2 and T3, the Field of Ourique Prestige brand by the signs of refinement and sophistication that are permanent throughout the space. Fractions have parking and storage. Designed for your maximum comfort and designed for superior comfort, this is your new home. This is your new life.
    Over the years, Campo de Ourique has known reinvent themselves as undisputed tradition. Historical tradition, cultural tradition and always, always a wellness tradition.
    In the field of Ourique Prestige, well-being and serenity come together to create an extraordinary ambience.
    Prestige is not just the name. It is also the nature of our choices. In an area of Lisbon known for its traditional atmosphere, can live surrounded by a set of materials and finishes. Here it all fits together into a clear life convenience.
    If it is undeniable that between four walls the field of Ourique Prestige has to offer an excellent standard of comfort, the truth is that you can't never leave to enjoy the balcony open about Lisbon.
    A Lisbon that has many colors and changing, but that in Campo de Ourique welcomes the breezes that blow from the Tagus and the Green that shows of Monsanto. All this pulsar sense on your balcony.
    And the higher you climb, the more close stays of happiness. Outdoors, on the cover of the field of Ourique Prestige, multiply the options: a dip in the pool with their children, 1 hour of exercise in the gym or a moment sitting in the Sun with your favorite book. Here, you will be seduced every nook. Up at the top of the building.
  • Development Features

    • Rooms
      • Number of floors 5
    • Extras
      • Condition Excellent
      • Construction ended 2017-11-30

Associated Units

Ref. Type Bedrooms Floor Unit Area (m2) Garage Price Plans
VL839 (1.7) Apartment 3 Bedrooms 1 I 166 m² 2 1 100 000 €
VL839 (1.11) Apartment 2 Bedrooms 1 - - - --- 1 780 000 €
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